TimeMore Digital Scale


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TimeMore Digital Scale weighting accuracy to 0.1g means your coffee-making process is more precise and predictable.  Equipped with Silicone heat insulation & a waterproof pad for keeping the load cells dry and the tabletop clean. The weight platform is a frosted texture adding the grip for the Heat Pad.

The plate is large enough to brew any style of manual brew method, yet with a small footprint and quick display of the Black Mirror, you could happily use these as a set of scales for measuring the weight of your espresso brewing. The LED Screen Display is also your controls, it becomes visible through the top plate, once you turn them on. It is well lit and displays not only both time and measurements, but your battery life and here you can turn the sound on or off too.  With no extra edges or little gaps it’s easy to keep this set of scales clean.

Another great feature with the TimeMore Digital Scales is the use of USB-C for the charging cable, meaning no more bent or broken charging cables, and you can plug it in upside. The built-in 1600mAh rechargeable lithium battery has a battery life of up to 10 hours, with an Auto-off after 3mins. Available in two colours of White or Black.


Simple, stylish design
Compact and minimalist, the Black Mirror still manages to offer everything you need from a Brewing Scale.

Accurate with timing and weight display, your brews will be consistent and delicious.

Invisible Screen Design
An LED backlight display that’s clear, practical and convenient.

Lightning Fast Response Time
Perfect for Espresso Brewing, where 0.5g can make all the difference.

0.1g Accuracy
Measure up to 2kgs in 0.1g increments, ideal not just for coffee, kitchen products or perfect dosing of your plant care products, liquid fertilisers or granular fertlisers.

Auto Time Function
Press the Time Button 6x time for auto-timer. Great for Espresso Brewing.

USB-C Port
The future on charging ports. Fast recharge, longer lasting cables.

Package Includes:

TimeMore Mirror Digital Scale (Black or White)

Silicone Heat Pad

USB to USB-C Charging cable

Owners manual

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 3 cm

White, Black


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Black or White TimeMore Digital Scale Professional Rechargable Micro Dosage precise down to 0.1g increment. Measure your product with confidence.

TimeMore Digital Scale

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