Peruvian Sphagnum Moss Gold Grade


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Country: Peru

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Peruvian sphagnum moss are known to be of very high quality and clean due to its climate over 3,000 mts of altitude. It is comparable to the New Zealand moss. Peruvian Sphagnum Moss has a level of cleanliness that exceeds similar products in the market. They are brighter and aesthetically pleasing compared to other sphagnum moss which are perfect for displays.

If you would prefer a finer sphagnum moss which does not have much strands, do check out our 5 star chilean sphagnum moss.

Holds up to 20 times of water in weight

Bone Dry Nursery Grade Product

Ethically harvested and handpicked in Peru


Moisture retention

Peruvian sphagnum moss has excellent water-holding capacity, providing a consistent water supply to plant roots. This makes it a valuable component in potting mixes or when used as a top dressing around plants that require high humidity or consistent moisture levels. Perfect for seed starting and as mixes with other growing materials

Reduce plant shock and provides air aeration

Aids in reducing shock when re-potting small plants, orchid and baby seedlings. Along with its moisture retention abilities, Peruvian sphagnum moss also allows for good air circulation. Prevents soil compaction, ensuring oxygen reaches plant roots and facilitating the exchange of gases necessary for healthy root development

Root Protection and Insulation

Peruvian sphagnum moss forms a protective layer when used as a top dressing. It helps insulate plant roots from temperature fluctuations and extreme weather conditions. It can prevent rapid moisture loss from the soil surface and shield delicate roots from potential damage

Sterile medium good Propagation Aid

This sphagnum moss is easy to work with as it provides a sterile medium, anti-fungal which is ideal for healthy plants and speeding up growth. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or weed seeds. This makes the material perfect as a starting medium for young and vulnerable plants which are susceptible to the surrounding environment and require lots of tender loving care. It can help maintain a humid environment around cuttings or newly planted seeds, promoting successful rooting and reducing the risk of fungal infections

Sustainable and Renewable Resource

Peruvian sphagnum moss is sustainably and ethically harvested from bogs and wetlands. Proper harvesting practices ensure the regeneration of moss beds, making it a renewable resource. Choosing sphagnum moss from sustainable sources supports responsible environmental practices

Ideal for propagation, seedlings, surface mulching of plant pots, tubs and planter boxes, lining wire baskets, mounting staghorn or bromeliads. Suitable for all plants, seedlings, orchids, carnivorous plants like Venus Fly Trap and terrariums



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Peruvian Sphagnum Moss Gold Grade

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