Orchid Boost Ready to Use Spray


500ml bottle


Orchid Boost Ready to Use Spray 500ml takes conventional 10N-10P-10K fertiliser and blend with organic compounds, (brown coal, fish, and earthworm exudates). Provides enormous plant nutrition, coupled with excellent up take. The organic compounds buffer the balanced NPK and support fertility & microbial activity, while a range of natural growth hormones delivers complete nutrition to the plant. Seaweed is added for plant strength with humic & fulvic acids added to chelate and enhance the nutrients. Orchid Boost Ready to Use Spray 500ml  has added Trace Elements ensuring luxury uptake of minerals maintaining mineral balance and plant health. Silica has long been linked to plant strength and, inturn, resistance to pests & disease while a broad spectrum of vitamins & amino acids complete this “regular use” formula. Use regularly in the growing season and can be further diluted during cooler months.


  • Easy, convenient application
  • Strengthens cell walls. Strong cell walls play a key roll in resisting insect and fungal attack
  • Healthy Vigorous Growth
  • Cost effective
  • Rich, green, healthy appearance
  • Increased flower strength
  • Ideal for domestic & commercial applications
  • Excellent for hose on, foliar spray or root drench


To be used as part of a balanced nutrition program.

Shake or Stir well before use

Apply monthly or when boost required.

May be used at ½ strength more often.

May be used as a root drench

Larger areas, broad acre:- 7- 10L per Ha


Concentration Dilution

DILUTION 1 : 100 (MINIMUM) 10mL per 1L of water OR 150mL per 15 Litre Backpack OR 500mL added to a 2 Litre Hose on pack topped with water. Apply to run off in the cool of the day.



  • Trial on native or sensitive plants first.
  • Do not apply during flowering as it may stain

Tip: Enhance by including Neem Plant Spray with each application.

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions18 × 7 × 13 cm


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Orchid Boost Ready to Use Spray