Leca Clay Balls


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Leca Clay Balls

Leca Clay  Balls are ideal for growers who want to control the application of nutrients and the humidity level of their plants throughout the entire cultivation process. Comes in size 8 to 16mm. Leca can also be known as Clay Pebbles or Hydroton.


Improves Plant Health and Aeration

Leca Clay Balls has high porosity and high air content thus stimulates the development of strong roots. The porous nature of Leca clay balls promotes air circulation within the growing medium. This helps oxygen reach plant roots, preventing suffocation and promoting healthy root development. Adequate oxygenation is crucial for root respiration and nutrient uptake

Hydroponics and soil replacement

Ideal growing media for hydroponics, aquaponics and soil replacement. Their lightweight nature and excellent drainage properties make them ideal for hydroponic setups, allowing for efficient nutrient delivery and root oxygenation. Perfect for excellent drainage as they prevent water from pooling around plant roots, reducing the risk of root rot and overwatering


Leca Clay Balls provide insulation around plant roots, protecting them from temperature fluctuations. They act as a buffer, minimizing heat stress in hot weather and protecting roots from cold temperatures during colder seasons

Long-Lasting and Reusable

Leca Clay Balls are durable and long-lasting, retaining their structure and properties over time. They can be reused in subsequent plantings, reducing the need for frequent replacement. Proper cleaning and sterilization between uses help maintain their effectiveness

Prevents pests and diseases

Being inorganic and with a neutral pH value, it is fungus free and do not rot. This can help reduce the risk of soil-borne diseases and pest infestations in plants


Garden Safety Tips

When doing gardening always wear a P2 / FFP2 / N95 KN95 Safety Mask 4ply to keep your respiratory health from harmful micro organisms, dust, pollution or vapors. General potting mix contains plenty of micro organisms. Always wear your safety gears such as mask, glove and googles when working with them.

A common media when mixing with your potting mix are Vermiculite, Perlite, Coco coir and Mineral products. They may contain micro dust particles, which you want to avoid harming your lungs. Especially Perlite dust particles, they are glass like and breathing them in will cause irreversible damage to your lungs. So always stay safe and wear your N95 / KN95 / P2 / FFP2 / KF94 grade protective mask to avoid any unnecessary health risk.

Liquid form fertlisers, plant of health products or cleaning products such as IPA might give off harmful vapors when sprayed. Read carefully the product safety instructions before application.

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Leca Clay Balls

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