143mm Anti Spiral Pot

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Made in Australia
Width 143mm
Height 160mm
Volume 1.6L

143mm Anti Spiral Pot promotes a fibrous non-girdling root system. The 143mm Anti Spiral Pot unique design promotes aerial root pruning. Smaller sizes are often used for growing orchids and other plants within the same family.

Plants in pots will need more frequent watering than those in the garden. If you have particular reason for wanting to keep plants long term in a pot then look at some of the more innovative root or air pruning designs such as our anti spiral pots .

The size and shape of the pot also plays a big part in how well (or not) the pot drains. Tall thin pots drain better than wide shallow ones. While we are on drainage, NEVER sit keep your pot in a saucer filled with water. You will get a perched water table (a soggy bottom) into which no roots will want to venture. Zero aeration, reduced forms of nutrients which can be toxic and a high probability of root rot. Some of the stuff that leaches out of the bottom of pots is unwanted and unhealthy as far as the plant is concerned. Yes there may be nutrients in it but there’s also other nasty stuff.



Reduced cultivation time

Rapid growth and healthy plants due to ideal watering and drainage.


Easily stacked

The pots are stacked using the patented facet rim – for error-free stacking.

Maximum stability

With no mounting feet, the pots are more stable on conveyor belts.


Reduced weight

Unrivalled low materials usage thanks to continuous design optimisation.


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  1. Love this product, I pot up, 50mm tube stock into them and the results are amazing.

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143mm Anti Spiral Pot

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