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    • Fragrant

      Cattleya Rlc. Hall of Fame No.2 is part of the Cattleya Family.  Cattleya Rlc. Hall of Fame No.2 blooms produces stunning crimson pink red flowers with splashes of yellow making it a stunning feature orchid. ✔️ 50mm Pot ✔️ First image is the flower it will produce   Packaging A great deal […]

    • Fragrant

      Brassolaeliocattleyas Blc. George King Serendipity is a cross between Rhyncholaeliocattleya Buttercup x Cattleya Bob Betts, and was registered by G.A. King in 1970. Blc George King Serendipity hybrid produces large, flat strongly perfumed flowers. The flowers are usually spaced nicely and rarely crowded. They open a soft pink and over […]