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Handy Tips to revive or save your plants before it’s too late

Congratulations if your plants survived winter and are thriving! However, seeing plants health begin to falter after weeks of winter can feel like an emergency. If your indoor or outdoor plants are looking a little worse for wear these days, don’t despair –knowing how to revive your plant is not as hard as it seems and you do not have to be green thumbs to pull it off! Here are 3 simple tips you can do to save those plant babies of yours:

Cut back on dead leaves, stem and wipe leaves

Trim or remove dying, brown, yellowing leaves and dead stems with scissors or pruning shears. Cutting back dying stems will allow the healthy stem to get the nutrients it needs to encourage new growth and make it thrive again. Wiping the front and back of leaves regularly with neem oil enables the plant to take in all the sunlight available during winter.

Change the potting mix and repot with good drainage mix

Plant potting mix nutrients deteriorate over time and it’s advisable to repot your plant to revive it. Carefully, remove the plant from its current pot by turning it sideways, and gently holding by the stems or leaves. Tap the bottom of its pot until the plant slides out, and loosen the plant’s roots gently with your hands. Remove the old potting mix, and add the new potting mix. We recommend adding perlite, zeolite and pumice to your potting mix to encourage healthy root aeration and absorption of trace minerals vital for healthy plant growth. Alternatively, you can make your own healthy potting mix by mixing in half of coco coir or peat moss with Mighty Mineral Mix for healthy root growth and aeration.

Feed your plant carefully and increase immunity

Plants and soils can become malnourished over time if they are not given vitamins vital for healthy growth. For general revitalising of garden beds, potting mixes and soil, use liquid probiotics Living Microbes to  assist in creating stronger immunity for happier healthier plants.  Microbe Probiotics combination of beneficial bacteria enhances the growth of plants without the need for harsh chemicals. To add some organic granular fertiliser, use Organic Link All Purpose Fertiliser which is suitable for all types of plants including vegetables, fruit, natives, flowers, lawns, indoor and outdoor plants. It combines high quality natural and biological ingredients: blood and bone, natural lime and gypsum, soft rock phosphate, fish protein, silica, zeolite, neem and trace minerals.  Providing nutrition can help the plant recover nearly immediately within days, while other deficiencies may take longer. Spring is just weeks away so show your plants a little extra love now and before you know it, they’ll be back to their summer selves.