Zeolite 2-7mm

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Full of Micro Nutrients and natural minerals

Suitable for all plants including cacti, succulents or general plants

Compost Booster

Soil Amendment

DIY Pon Mi

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Zeolite is 100% natural and are used in gardening to improve soil or potting mix quality and nutrient availability. They have a high surface area that can retain and slowly release water and nutrients to plant roots, thus enhancing soil moisture and nutrient retention. It does not break down over years and will continue to add to the soil structure over time. It has the ability to retain water if heavily wet or provide aeration if dry, this leads to it being a versatile soil amendment which you can use in a concentration best suited to your water style.

If your garden soil is compacted and dense, thus incapable of absorbing and retaining water and nutrients, add zeolite as a soil amendment. 


Plant Health

Zeolite is a highly porous negatively charged mineral which can capture positively charged molecules like Nitrogen and Potassium and slowly release them back into your soil, leading to increased yields and consistent use of nutrients within your soil. Works like a fertiliser battery, charging when free nutrients are available, holding them from leaching and releasing them to plant demand as required.  Since zeolite is not effected by temperature and reduces the leaching of nutrients under hot tropical conditions, holding them for use by the plant instead.

Moisture retention

Drainage is very important in horticulture, with the presence of Zeolite tillage is much easier. Its usage also creates ideal conditions for growing plants like cacti and succulents as it increases the water retention in sandy soils and reduces the density of clayey soils to allow more transportation of gases and water.

Soil Conditioning

Because of all the channels inside the mineral, zeolite is capable of holding up to 60% of its weight in water. This means that when soil is amended with zeolite, the moisture content of the soil will increase. In turn, surface runoff is reduced which also protects soil from erosion.

It reduces nitrate leaching from nitrogen-rich fertilizers by inhibiting the nitrification of ammonium to nitrate which reduces groundwater contamination. The inclusion of zeolite into planting holes, applied around existing plants or combined with fertilizer, will improve the uptake of nutrients to the plants and, in turn, result in higher yields.

Compost Booster

Zeolite can give a compost pile a boost too. Add 1 kg to an average size pile to aid in decomposition and absorb odors.



Particle Size

Chemical Stability

Solubility in water
Virtually Insoluble

NSW Australia

Sodilum / Calcium Aluminosilicates

Minerals Content
O2 (Silicon Dioxide) 71.81%
Al2O3 (Aluminium Oxide) 12.10%
Fe2O3 (Iron Oxide) 1.14%
Na2O (Sodium Oxide) 2.33%
K2O (Potassium Oxide) 0.90%
CaO (Calcium Oxide) 2.60%
MgO (Magnesium Oxide) 1.2 0.65%
TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) 0.22 35 0.22%
MnO (Manganese Oxide) 0.03%
P2O5 (Phosphorus Pentoxide) <.02%
SrO (Strontium Oxide) 0.22%
Loss on Ignition 7.77%

Ba (Barium) 10ppm
Co (Cobalt) 1.2ppm
Cr (Chromium) 35ppm
(Selenium) <1ppm
Cu (Copper) 19ppm
Zn (Zinc) 33ppm
P (Phosphorus) 187ppm


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm


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  1. A good foundation for my passive hydro, my plants are thriving

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  2. Excellent value for money. I find this particular zeolite very good to use

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  3. Great results, my succulents love it. Excellent service

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Green power Australia natural gardening supplies - Zeolite is a versatile soil amendment which provides nutrient retention, aeration, water retention and through its highly porous nature (and the capillary effect) it acts as a wetting agent. It is a solid with a three-dimensional crystal structure that is built from the elements oxygen, silicon, aluminum, and alkali metals. These naturally occurring rocks form where volcanic rocks and ash react with alkaline groundwater. They are referred to as “molecular sieves” functioning as a colander for minerals. Sizes are 2-7mm and 1-2mm. All Natural Australia Organic Mineral Stones Full of Micro Nutrients and natural minerals, Suitable for all plants including cacti, succulents or general plants, Compost Booster, Soil Amendment and similar to Lechuza DIY Pon Mix.

Zeolite 2-7mm

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