Perlite Super Coarse Grade 5-7mm

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Brand: Chillagoe Perlite

100% Australian Made

Premium Super Coarse Grade, Comes in resealable bag

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Perlite Super Coarse Grade 5-7mm

Super Coarse Perlite is a lightweight volcanic mineral that is often used as an addition to potting mixes and for improving garden health and increasing growth  significantly. Perlite also holds and releases nutrients and is suitable for all types of planting situations


Improved Drainage and Enhance Aeration

Perlite has excellent drainage properties due to its porous nature. When added to soil or growing mix, it helps create air pockets and allows excess water to drain away quickly. This prevents waterlogging and promotes healthier root growth by ensuring adequate oxygen supply to the roots. The porous structure of perlite promotes airflow within the growing medium. It allows oxygen to reach the roots, which is vital for proper respiration and nutrient uptake. Improved aeration helps prevent root suffocation and promotes vigorous plant growth

Lightweight and easy to use

Perlite is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and mix into soil or potting mixes. Its lightness also reduces the overall weight of potted plants, making them more manageable and suitable for hanging baskets or other weight-sensitive applications

Moisture Retention

While perlite is primarily known for its drainage properties, it also has the ability to retain some moisture. It can hold a small amount of water within its porous structure, ensuring that plants have access to moisture between watering intervals. This helps prevent the soil from drying out too quickly and provides a buffer against extreme moisture fluctuations.

pH Neutral

Perlite is pH neutral, meaning it does not significantly affect the acidity or alkalinity of the soil or growing medium. This makes it a versatile amendment that can be used with a wide range of plants and in various gardening applications.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Perlite is an inorganic material that is resistant to decay, mold, and pests. Its sterile nature reduces the risk of soil-borne diseases and eliminates the introduction of pathogens or pests into the growing environment. Ideal for healthy plants and speeding up growth due to sterile nature. Does not contain any harmful chemicals, weed seeds and other bad materials. Perfect as a starting medium for seedlings and cuttings with little to no damage to root system when transplanting

Reduced Compaction

When added to soil, perlite helps prevent compaction by maintaining a loose and friable structure. This improves root penetration and allows plant roots to grow more freely, enhancing overall plant health and nutrient uptake

Heat Insulation

Perlite has insulating properties, which can help regulate soil temperature. It acts as a barrier against extreme temperature fluctuations, providing some protection to plant roots from both hot and cold conditions

Environmentally Friendly

Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral and is non-toxic, making it an environmentally friendly choice for gardening. It is mined sustainably and can be reused or recycled in gardening applications.

Suitable for most gardening applications, including container gardening, seed starting, propagation, and amending garden beds. It is compatible with a wide range of plants, from vegetables and flowers to indoor houseplants and succulents, cacti and bonsai

Advice: Wear kn95 / P2 mask when handling Perlite. Work in an open space with moving air. Breathing in large quantity of Perlite fine dust can be harmful to your lungs.

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  2. Very fast delivery. Product (coarse perlite) great quality and suited my purposes exactly. Will be buying again, good online experience, thank you.

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  4. Prompt delivery and excellent product for my plants

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  5. Good value and quality. My cactus and succulents are happy

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green power australian made perlite coarse medium jumbo and super coarse sizes from 1.6-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-7mm and 6.5-10mm we've got you covered. Great aeration substrate for all gardening purpose. Always remember to wear n95 or p2 mask when working with perlite.

Perlite Super Coarse Grade 5-7mm

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