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Bugs and Disease Prevention

Bugs and Disease Prevention

Congratulations if so far you haven’t had the need to deal with bugs and disease! However, it’s essential to know how to prevent bugs and diseases as, like it or not, they can strike your houseplants any time. Below are some helpful tips to keep those bugs at bay:

Keep your plants in their best condition

Healthy plants are less prone to environmental stressors and bugs. The best tip is to prevent or at least minimise the chances of having one. Pests are part of the ecosystem so it is hard to eliminate them and some of them actually do good for the plant (e.g. earthworms). A good tip is feeding your plant with silica and potash to toughen them up naturally to prevent pests and disease invasion. Furthermore, silica assists in the uptake of Nitrogen, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium and other elements which are essential for healthy plants. In addition, added potash is essential for roots and shoots development and encourages more blooms

Give the best optimal environment

By providing good overall environment, you will be able to minimise the chance of getting pest problems. For example, if your living space does not get much light throughout the day, then move your plant to somewhere near a window or balcony to suit the growing requirements of the plant.

Consistent watering

Watering irregularly (over-watering or under-watering) is almost always one of the main triggers for pest problems. It’s very important to know how much water your plant needs and when your plant needs water. Most houseplants will be happy to have water when they are half dry, but some of them might need a bit more moisture in the soil or in the air (humidity).

Keep the leaves and soil surface clean

Leaving dead leaves, stems or flowers on the soil or with the plant will encourage infested soil. These decaying plant parts are a breeding bed for pests. Therefore also wipe your plant leaves with a damp cloth followed by a plant protect spray like neem oil. Neem oil will deter and prevent the plant from environmental stressors and pests.